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Our Story

The maternal line of women in my family has etched an enduring impact on the fabric of my life. The Five Jewell girls, including my grandmother Beatrice, navigated through challenging circumstances, emerging as formidable and influential women whose legacies resonate through the generations. Their resilience and strength have become guiding beacons, shaping the values and aspirations of our family's future.

Inextricably woven into this tapestry of maternal influence is the memory of Red Clay, a living embodiment of cherished moments spent with my great grandmother Gertrude from the heart of Savannah, Georgia. From the delightful aroma of cake cookies wafting through her kitchen to the shared joys of fishing and gardening, Red Clay cultivated in me a profound appreciation for the essence of family, the importance of tradition, and the beauty found in life's simple pleasures. Her warm spirit lingers in the echoes of those memories, serving as a timeless reminder of the values that anchor our family's heritage.


Through the stories and legacies of the Five Jewell girls and the enduring warmth of Red Clay, the maternal lineage has become a source of inspiration and guidance, shaping not only my present but also influencing the path forward for generations to come. Their collective narrative forms the foundation upon which our family's identity stands, a testament to the strength, resilience, and enduring love that transcends time.

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